Opened in March 2014, Nini Hachi offers a rich and colorful culinary experience.


Platters, Private Events

Sashimi, special rolls, cones, salads, soups and more. We will organize it, serve it, clean it. All you have to do is enjoy it. For 15 guests and up.



A diverse, colorful menu, just like Nini Hachi. It's more than a sushi bar: enjoy our special soups, have some authentic Teppanyaki and classic noodles



 Ben Yehuda 228 , Tel Aviv 

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Nini Hachi

Nini Hachi – A kosher Japanese restaurant at the center of Tel Aviv

Named after its location, 228 Ben Yehuda Street (Ni = 2; Hachi = 8), Nini Hachi has been opened for business since the beginning of 2014.

Nini Hachi's owners, Udi Romonovsky and Yoav Levin, are two experienced restaurateurs who ran some of the leading restaurants in Israel.

Demand for kosher yet colorful hang-outs with a young atmosphere, where high quality food is served has brought owners to create this trendy place in Tel Aviv. Sushi, fish, ramen, teppanyaki and authentic noodle dishes make for a rich and diverse menu.

The Japanese kitchen allows for special care and attention for different gastronomic needs:

w fish. This process is guided by the Israeli institute of food quality and safety.

A rich vegan menu that includes some of Nini Hachi's recommended dishes, such as Agedashi Tofu, asparagus and mushrooms teppanyaki, rice noodles, salads and soups.

A gluten-free menu, including gluten-free rice.

Nini Hachi's space consists of 2 floors and an outdoor seating area. Second floor includes two seating areas and a counter overlooking Ben Yehuda Street, which is available for private parties.

Nini Hachi restaurant and delivery service opens at 12:00.

Hope to see you soon!


pregnancy safe sushi
Special sushi preparation for pregnant woman

We got to know how important a pregnancy safe sushi is when own wives were going through this wonderful experience.

The craving for rice, fish and seaweed does not necessarily have to be suppressed. Here at Nini Hatchi we have developed an entire separated preparation process, together with the Israeli institute for food safety and quality. Our special process includes a separated work surface, where we use separated utensils and rolling mat that do not come in contact with raw fish.

Using this process, we make sushi for pregnant women only, which includes roles and nigiri made of vegetables and baked or fried fish. You can compose your own roll; trust that we have taken care of everything for you.

We also deliver special sushi for pregnant women; sushi deliveries for pregnant women are marked with a pink label.  Delivery time, unless otherwise stated, is 60 minutes. 



Platters, Private Events

Hosting at your office or in your home
We offer several platters: a fish platter, a vegetarian/vegan platter and a mixed vegetarian-fish platter. The platters are available in two sizes – 80 pieces and 120 pieces. You can create your own platter with 10 or 15 rolls.
You can place your order through our delivery website. Delivery time for one platter is up to 90 minutes (although it may take longer if the restaurant is extra busy that day). We recommend that you order platters in advance.
Platters are delivered with all the proper sauces and condiments, chopsticks and napkins.

Off-premises events and catering
We will create a menu together according to the type of event. The food will be served to your guests at buffet stations. A sushi station attended by our expert sushi chefs, who will serve a selection of rolls, sashimi and nigiri on spectacular large wooden platters. Each such platter contains approximately 480 pieces of assorted sushi which is colorful, visually pleasing and most important – delicious and very fresh.
Additional stations are available: appetizers, gyoza, spring rolls, beef tataki, a selection of Japanese salads, etc. A drinks bar is also available, as well as a desserts station with an assortment of petits fours, lollipops, tartlets, various kranz cakes etc.

Private events at the Restaurant
You can host private events at the restaurant with up to 16 people around a large table. Private events are held on our second floor, which can be closed off for a maximum of 40 guests.

To book an event or for further information, please call +972 (3) 624-9228.
Ask for Udi or Yoav.






Nini Hachi’s Membership card is a magnetic card that accumulates money. It can be used at the restaurant and for deliveries

:The benefits that come with the card
 Accumulating 5% of every purchase on the card
 A monthly bonus that can be applied at the restaurant or for deliveries. You will receive a monthly e-mail specifying that month’s bonus
 A 15% birthday discount, valid throughout the week of your birthday
 For your anniversary: two complimentary glasses of plum wine and an appetizer of your choice

A one-time fee of 30 NIS makes you a member
All you need to do is fill in the following details, and the restaurant staff will do the rest